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Deviant Art

2010-03-14 15:02:54 by DecimatingKids

hey guys im sorry i havent been on in a long time and its because this... Well... ive been working more on deviant art :) its fun check it out if u havent already,Link Here so thats been coming along good so leave a comment telling me how good/bad my art is, and thats basicly it! :3 see you guys l8rrr :3 heres something i made and u can see it on deviant art aswell. bye bye!!!

Deviant Art


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2010-08-07 16:47:08

hehe nice, man :)


2010-09-05 14:06:43

Sweet job dude :D
Can't wait to see future pieces :)


2011-06-15 23:22:06

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