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DecimatingKids's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 325 (From 50 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 7,090 Points

- Music in Motion -

Menu Jumper Unlocked 8/6/10
10 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Disco Disaster Unlocked 8/6/10
25 Points
Make it past Stage 3.
Falling Blocks Unlocked 8/6/10
25 Points
Make it past Stage 2.
Run and Jump Unlocked 8/6/10
25 Points
Make it past Stage 1.
Music Maniac 50 Points Defeat the Boss!

Medals Earned: 4/5 (85/135 points)

Babies Dream of Dead Worlds

PHYSICAL THERAPY Unlocked 7/7/10
5 Points
Finish the tutorial.
TEAR IN THE WORLD Unlocked 7/7/10
5 Points
Enter a rift.
UNDER CONSTRUCTION 5 Points Find the incomplete area.
HAPPY FAMILY 10 Points Finish the first level for each character.
FULL POCKETS 25 Points Get at least a bronze in all Naaij levels.
JUST ANOTHER DAY 25 Points Finish Mell's story.
RACE FOREVER 25 Points Finish Fuzor's story.
SINGULAR SPEED 25 Points Get at least a bronze in all Fuzor levels.
THE QUEST TO BECOME 25 Points Finish Naaij's story.
RACE TO THE END 50 Points Get at least a silver in all Fuzor levels.
TREASURE HUNTER 50 Points Get at least a silver in all Naaij levels.
ETERNAL RECORDHOLDER 100 Points Get a gold in all Fuzor levels.
THE WORLD CHANGES NOTHING 100 Points Get a gold in all Naaij levels.

Medals Earned: 2/13 (10/450 points)

Back to the Cubeture 1

Ultimate Pest Unlocked 11/21/09
25 Points
Bully your own boss.
Ultimate Savior Unlocked 11/21/09
25 Points
Defend the weak.
Ultimate Spitter Unlocked 11/21/09
25 Points
Real cowboys spit a lot.
Nature Boy Unlocked 11/21/09
50 Points
Become one with the desert
Playboy Unlocked 11/21/09
50 Points
Find the adult pleasure.
Nude Boy Unlocked 11/21/09
100 Points
Walk around (almost) naked.
Ultimate Winner Unlocked 11/21/09
100 Points
Complete the Game.
Ultimate Bully 25 Points Bully the weak.
Do Lose Your Head 100 Points Sometimes it's ok to lose your head over something.

Medals Earned: 7/9 (375/500 points)

Brawl Royale

NoLegs Unlocked 8/6/10
5 Points
Silly cat, get off ma lawn.
Red Mage Unlocked 8/6/10
5 Points
That's not even a real sword.
Tonberry Unlocked 8/6/10
5 Points
Go back to your cave.
Yoko Unlocked 8/6/10
5 Points
Farukon Paaansh.
Black Waltz Unlocked 8/6/10
10 Points
Lazarus Unlocked 8/6/10
10 Points
Ma gun's bigger.
Mecha Unlocked 8/6/10
25 Points
Systems failure imminent.
Natalie Unlocked 8/6/10
25 Points
Go back to kitchen.
Canti 50 Points Master the guitar.
Masochist 50 Points Get killed by each enemy in one sitting.
Goku 100 Points Save the universe from evil.
Cool Story Bro Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 8/12 (90/300 points)

Castle Crashing the Beard

Whiskered Away Unlocked 8/14/10
5 Points
Level Up once.
Fabulous! 25 Points Reach the maxed out level.
Graven Image 25 Points Win without hitting a gravestone.
Power Razor 25 Points Win without losing a life.
The Fast and the Furriest 25 Points Defeat The Beard in less than 4 minutes (8160 frames)
Beat to a Fulp 50 Points Defeat The Beard

Medals Earned: 1/6 (5/155 points)

Cave of Wonders

Black Coffin Unlocked 11/12/09
10 Points
Die before beating Luis.
Exterminator Unlocked 11/12/09
10 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Rude awakening Unlocked 11/12/09
10 Points
Defeat Luis' 1st form.
Tighty whitey power Unlocked 11/12/09
10 Points
Defeat Luis' 2nd form.
Grape Crush Unlocked 11/12/09
25 Points
Find the 1st alternate ending.
Stack the deck Unlocked 11/12/09
25 Points
Defeat Luis' 3rd form.
Flee powder Unlocked 11/12/09
50 Points
Escape the cave.
Abyss-mal 25 Points Find the 2nd alternate ending.
Lou Lou Zoom 50 Points Beat the game in under 200 seconds.
Real Ultimate Power 100 Points Complete all other achievements!

Medals Earned: 7/10 (140/315 points)

Ching Chong Beautiful

Ignorance Isn't Bliss Unlocked 12/13/09
5 Points
Finish the Tutorial
Long Fall Unlocked 12/13/09
25 Points
Fall a long time for your ancestors
Long Slide Unlocked 12/16/09
25 Points
Slide a HELLA long time!
Too Close! Unlocked 12/13/09
25 Points
Save yourself from falling ten times
Ching Champion! 25 Points Defeat the Wicked Obstacle Course!
Big Baby 50 Points Earn all Platinums on Easy
Meet the Winners 50 Points Meet all the previous contestants
Brave as a Married Man 100 Points Earn all Platinums on Medium
Seppuku's Soul 100 Points Earn all Platinums on Hard

Medals Earned: 4/9 (80/405 points)

Communist in Space

Qvit Stalin Unlocked 7/10/10
5 Points
Start already!
Liberated Unlocked 11/15/09
50 Points
Beat the game
Over 9000 Unlocked 11/15/09
50 Points
Win the game a certain amount of score.

Medals Earned: 3/3 (105/105 points)


Guardians Unlocked 11/1/09
5 Points
Defeat the Footie Twins
Heavy Weapons 5 Points Defeat Battbot
Monkey Biz 5 Points Defeat Ootkey
Bad Transit 10 Points Defeat TRN-1
Freeroes 25 Points Get Secret Ending
Kaminari Ninja 25 Points Defeat Raijinmaru
Patricide 25 Points Defeat creator of Dadgame
Story Easy 25 Points Beat Story Mode on Easy, Normal, or Hard
Story Hard 25 Points Beat Story Mode on Hard
Story Normal 25 Points Beat Story Mode on Normal or Hard
WSW Tribute 25 Points Defeat Final Weapon
Cheating Death 50 Points Defeat Mecha-Death
Debugger 50 Points Defeat Phantom
Presto! 50 Points Beat Boss Battles on HARD
Tower Offender 50 Points Beat Tower of Destiny on HARD
Dadgamer 100 Points 100% Completion

Medals Earned: 1/16 (5/500 points)

Darnell's Recount

DownForwardPunch Unlocked 4/22/10
5 Points
View the COMBOS page.
Floatin Unlocked 4/22/10
5 Points
Master the Fire Flip.
Teh Intran3tz Unlocked 4/22/10
5 Points
Visit the links page.
The Election Unlocked 4/22/10
5 Points
View the intro movie.
Medication Unlocked 4/22/10
10 Points
Drink the mystery potion.
Animal Control Unlocked 4/22/10
50 Points
Fix the rodent problem in the Boiler Room.
Recount Unlocked 4/22/10
50 Points
Defeat the class president.
UberPWNT Unlocked 4/22/10
50 Points
Shut down the UberBot.
Yes We Can! Unlocked 4/22/10
50 Points
Beat the game.
Evil Dead 10 Points Get your chainsaw on!
SupaSpy 25 Points Find all 6 secret areas.
Thanks... 25 Points Light Zit Boy's Cigarette.
Toasty 25 Points Light up 10 enemies with the FireBreath attack.
Must be the Afro. 100 Points Beat the game without dying.

Medals Earned: 9/14 (230/415 points)